Very Berry Reindeer

Very Berry Reindeer

SKU: Reindeer 2

Reindeer has festive faux berry sprig “antlers” that can be shaped to your liking. It is 5.5”w x 2.25”d (includes nose) x 6.5”h (height doesn't include antlers)


Due to the delicate nature of the faux berry sprigs, reindeer will be shipped with "antlers" wrapped separately.  Predrilled holes will be at the top ready for you to insert them once he arrives "home".


    Each piece is made by hand using a multi-step & multi-day process.  After the wood is cut, it must be sanded and painted with the base coat.  Once the paint is dry the next day, it is sanded again to distress the finish.  Additional features may be painted on at this point.  A coat of stain ages the item leaving a beautiful finish behind.  After allowing the stain to dry overnight, the item is ready for the sealant.  Once the sealant is dry the item can be assembled & is ready to go "home".