SKU: Cube

Spell out the word of your choice. Each letter is on its own cube. Some special characters can replace letters. (Ex: heart, paw print, snowflake) Your choice of block color & letter color. Blocks are 3.5”w x 3.5”d x 3.5”h


When spelling out words, cubes are ordered individually. Please order a cube for each letter/special character you would like.  If there are multiple of the SAME LETTER & COLOR COMBO, then you may enter a quanity greater than 1.


When listing the Block/Letter color, please enter it as: Block(--)/Letter(--).  For example, if you want an Antique White block with Black letters (or special characters) it would look like this: Block(AW)/Letter(BK). Thank you.


    Each piece is made by hand using a multi-step & multi-day process.  After the wood is cut, it must be sanded and painted with the base coat.  Once the paint is dry the next day, it is sanded again to distress the finish.  Additional features may be painted on at this point.  A coat of stain ages the item leaving a beautiful finish behind.  After allowing the stain to dry overnight, the item is ready for the sealant.  Once the sealant is dry the item can be assembled & is ready to go "home".