All About Saltbox Crafts

My name is Kirsten & I grew up in an artistic, crafty and (most importantly) DIY home.  My father enjoyed woodworking & tinkering with pretty much anything that could come apart.  (Not always getting it back together exactly the same.)  My mother enjoyed art & creating one-of-a kind pieces.  I would have ideas for prom dresses & my mother would figure out how to create it.  (Not always exactly what I pictured in my head, but still beautiful.)  It was a great childhood. 

I inherited this passion to create from both of them.  I love anything to do with, architecture, fashion, interior design & furniture design.  Jump ahead years & here I am incorporating those creative skills into my own small business.

The picture above was where it all started.  Working with my dad on a wood lathe in our basement.

(Hello 80s!)